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Heritage Diabetic Supply was formed in 1996 in order to provide a service to patients with diabetes covered by Medicare, North Carolina Medicaid and private insurance, as well as those who are responsible for their own medical costs.

We provide diabetic equipment that helps you live a better quality of life. We ship these essential supplies directly to your door, and we take care of filing the confusing insurance claim forms for you.

We also offer retail diabetic products at very competitive prices.

Patients have found our one-on-one personal service to be invaluable in their quest to improve their control of a life changing condition as they conquer diabetes.


We send testing supplies and other diabetes related products to patients with diabetes on a regular basis. We handle all of the paperwork required by insurance carriers including Medicare, Medicaid and other private carriers. Supplies are sent to the patient per their physician's instructions and according to current regulations. The patient has control of the amount sent and order dates. Heritage Diabetic Supply will contact Medicare patients when they should have nearly exhausted their current supply for refill approval. We take great pride in our service and close relationship with our patients.

Self-Pay Program

Not everyone has insurance to cover their diabetes supplies. Heritage Diabetic Supply is pleased to offer a low-cost solution. Click here or contact our office for more details.


Heritage Diabetic Supply carries a majority of brand name products such as Bayer, LifeScan and Roche as well as generic products on the market today. These products include diabetes testing supplies from glucose monitors, glucose test strips, control solution, replacement batteries, lancets, lancing devices, insulin syringes and pentips, insulin pump supplies including infusion sets and cartridges.


Heritage Diabetic Supply has been accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC, Raleigh NC) since 1999. Accreditation is professional peer review administered by a private nonprofit organization, which is structured to establish higher standards than state or federal requirements. Accreditation is the most commonly accepted means of assuring quality care and products.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Heritage Diabetic Supply, Inc. to operate a business to the benefit and well being of all employees and customers. This commitment crosses all boundaries to ensure quality values and good business practices. This policy will be reflected in all aspects of operation and procedures for use during orientation, service delivery and community activities.